Across the bottom are the various control levers and knobs, all of which feel much smoother and more substantial than the plastic pushbuttons of modern designs. No apparent phase problem. You have a shorted transistor. NOW I CAN USE MY FATHER'S RECEIVER!!! The Pioneer SX-780 is quite a different beast from the older, way more euphonic Kenwood KR-4140. The horns themselves became a bit indistinct as individual instruments in the space. The sound was not nearly as sweet and open on the top end as I am accustomed to with the Maggies, and imparted a slightly uncomfortable edginess. HPM 40 seems like a perfect match for the SX780. I bought a SX-780 new in 1980 and it was fantastic. Having The Original box (matching serial numbers on box) adds value. As i used to tell people back in the days when I sold audio components, wattage only tells part of the story. Buy It Now. 9/10. Pulled off the cover and noticed a series of fuses. I just acquired this from my brother who got it at a flea market. Love it, and would buy another in a heartbeat! I'm putting a sound system in my room and I have a questions about the receiver I'm thinking about getting. I am happy since no one likes to use it except me (so its safe from abuse by younger kids...LOL). Jeff Tweedy on Wilco’s “Jesus, etc” (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), a song I greatly enjoy for the emotion he imparts, lost some feeling as his subtle inflections were made more difficult to hear. Sweet! Condition is everything in this market. 2. Buried under the usual pile of VCRs was this 780. Honestly, if you use the same "known brand" (ie: timber matched) speakers (ie: same brand) on Channel A & B, this receiver will sound great. Submitted by staqUUR on February 14th, 2011. TIA HiFi – is our life. There are counterfeits out there. However, through my headphones the noise floor is way too high, there is quite a noticeable amount of "hissing" going on in the background on them. Pioneer SX-780 Stereo Receiver. I had a SX-780 reconditioned and run it with two pair of 8 ohm speakers on A and B, running simultaneously. This iconic piece marks an important milestone in this history of HiFi for it was the first 100 Watt RMS per channel Receiver and was responsible for triggering the famous Receiver Wars of the 1970s. If this first is true, then you have a shorted output transistor. A product of the “Receiver Wars” no expense was spared in the design and engineering of this model and this is evident in the specifications, build quality and performance. The look is proto-vintage pioneer – the SX-9000 is a generation before the venerated ‘blue dial’ or ‘silver face’ pioneers, and has more bakelite plastic buttons than later units. I just can't believe this is a 45 watt tuner. The primary distinguishing feature of the "80" models from the "50" models that preceded them was the switch to … My question is, will this cause my receiver to overheat or become over stressed? Pros: Great warm sound, decent power, cool look (UV meters, dude!) PIONEER ROCKS!! A very nice receiver with decent audio and analog meters which I much prefer to digital. Submitted by markbohunic on August 27th, 2009. but i love this one....? Replaced them and cleaned it up inside and out. This may all seem like harsh criticism of the SX-780, but to be fair it sounded much better than I expected on the Maggies. Ode to a Butterfly from the young bluegrass band Nickel Creek’s first self-titled album was wonderfully fleshed out and full bodied. The SX-780 seems to be one of the more prevalent vintage Pioneer receivers available today. If you can get one of these, you won't be disappointed. I would never make the mistake of comparing such a unit to today’s “modern” designs. SX-780 receiver pdf manual download. Recommended Amp Power: 5-40w or move on to another ......reciever and bury this proud reciever? Unfortunately I can't help you with your overarching problem, but I hope this helps you in some way. Both book shelf and full size would be appreciated. The tuner portion seems to be a little sensitive, and doesn't really lock in as well as some of the old onkyo's did. The SX-780 is generally a good receiver for general use but I can definitely see signs of major cost reductions as compared to its predecessor the SX-750. Any help would be appreciated The first real audio system I ever experience was on a family vacation to my Uncle’s home. It would worth the repair. an expert in electronics said to me that the es-system amplifier is not that powerfull, but the loudness that i use always on is the guilty he says that has more decibels than the loudness on my sx-1980 stereo receiver, regards. It has been to college with me, was in my fraternity room for four years, got dragged down to the basement bar for parties along with my Cerwin Vega speakers. The primary distinguishing feature of the "80" models from the "50" models that preceded them was the switch to black meter faces with white characters for better legibility. At around $30 plus the price of a good power supply (either a 12v plug-in supply or rechargeable SLA battery), the tiny Sonic Impact T-Amp is nearly the same price as a decent Pioneer SX-780. Design and Content © HiFi Engine 2006-2021, Vinyl Engine | FAQ | Site Policy | Cookie Options. There is a small click associated with the change and the sound cuts off when this happens. It is brighter and more scooped and definitely lacking some mids from 200 all the way to 1k. The 780 is an amazing performer in a small package, weighing in at just under 25 lbs. The original Pioneer literature rates continuous power output at 45 watts per channel into both 8 and 4 ohms, with hum and noise at 95 db through the line level inputs (see specifications for details). I have a pair of JBL L36 ....... sounds fantastic!!! Either way, it will be inexpensive to repair. This 727 was no exception. When I switch it to FM, after a few seconds you hear a click and the sound comes on. So while the SX-780 has generally good specs, I feel that it should not be used in a way to push the power amp too close to its limits. On the contrary, the stuff I see out there available today is loaded up with features, and the basic assumption that it will become an audio/video hub, as apposed to a strictly audio hub, as this receiver was designed to be back in the day. A really great buy for $150. C $473.94. If any is noted, it can be reflow end by applying a small amount of solder paste and reheating. Reviews. Comments. The large tuner dial, large-faceted aluminum knobs, and lit display conve The SX-780 features a high output, low distortion power amplifier, a high fidelity equaliser amplifier with low noise and high gain, a high stability tuner section, tone controls with tone defeat function, built in protection circuits and independent power meters. Bought one off of Craig's List as a consolation prize for the SX 1280 I missed; hooked it up to my Klipsch Belles. Source music in my 13’x18.5’x8.5’ listening room came from a Squeezebox SB3 with an Elpac linear power supply as a transport running through a Cary 306/200 CDP/DAC. Switch it back to FM, and again, after a few seconds, you hear a click and music. PAYDIRT!!!! Also saw a pair of Klipsch Model: RF-42 II SKU: 1306334301 (149.00 each) - at Best Buy with matching subwoofer. I've found generally have to be on for you to hear it click onto the selected position. document.write("90) and cold (<32) temperatures, as well as various dusts and aerosols. Go buy some vintage audio you won’t be sorry. Listening to Mannheim Steamroller’s Fresh Air II and III, The Telarc Soundstream Digital recordings of Stravinsky’s Firebird, Frederick Fennell conducting the Cleveland Symphonic Winds playing classic Holst Band suites, and of course the “Digital Canons” on Telarc’s 1812 Overture (on vinyl). The speakers are original large advents and 1979 mission cyrus 781s from England. The Pioneer SX-780 is amazing for Vinyl. First up was the Pioneer SX-727. A great old receiver often over-looked by those seeking only raw power. It looks like I need a phono preamp if I go straight from the record player, but I want to keep the nostalgia of the SX-780! I recently purchased a circa 1994 new-old-stock pair of KEF Coda 9.2 speakers. Best wishes for you and yours. At 45 watts per channel, the SX-780 might not put out huge numbers, but it delivers excellent sound at a great value. Very good tuner section too. This was an example of what some consider the high water mark for Pioneer’s receiver line – heavy metal components, real wood (even on midrange models like this one), thick glass display windows, solid sound. This vintage Pioneer SX-750 receiver is from the iconic period of silver faced receivers of the 70s. No reliance on the Advent tweeter, but no apparent conflict either. Sell Yours. Quality, or VOLUME! Not a peep. It is my first dive into the vintage hi-fi world and has been absolutely fantastic. I’m deeply grateful to the man who took the time to introduce a nerdy teen to this delightful hobby, and I do my best to pass that favor on by bringing as many folks as I will come into my listening room to hopefully provide for them some fraction of the deeply inspirational experience that set me on this path some thirty or so years ago. For example, Medeski Martin and Wood’s “Paper Bass” and “House Mop” (Friday Afternoon in the Universe) begin with percussive instruments that usually sound like Billy Martin is playing them right next to you and as he moves about the room. Apples and Oranges…. Recap / Renew the capacitors it is a complete set of all electrolytic capacitors. This is the most similar. When the new LED bulbs get here I’ll open it up again and adjust the bias. Sounds pretty good. 45 watts is more than enough for most spaces and all but the most inefficient speakers. The Pioneer SX-980 is an AM/FM stereo receiver with constant current loaded 2-stage differential amplifier, and direct coupled 2-stage Darlington single push-pull DC configuration power amplifier. Moving to vinyl now, Rush's 'Moving Pictures'. Don't pay attention to the snobs - this is a great receiver. The potent yet somewhat loose deep bass combined with a midrange and upper bass that seemed forward and tipped up a bit gave the SX-780 a pleasantly warm and punchy sound with a lot of body and heft. I used to drool over these receivers back when I was at Georgia Tech. No sound from Pioneer SX 780. specs but not sure about these. I'm buying a pair of really nice (but also cheap) Polk Audio Bookshelf speakers that are on sale. Receivers. The manuals you have archived are a fantastic asset to the community. Since the case was not dented or gouged, a can of spray paint transformed it into a rare, one-of-a-kind, flat black SX-780. favorite this post Dec 20 The first thing that became apparent was the difference in background noise. Not a bad idea for anyone picking one of these up;. My original speakers were matched to the rcvr/amp View and Download Pioneer SX-780 operating instructions manual online. Comparing the two, the Sonic Impact provided a much blacker background from which the music emanated. Are your other inputs on when you click the dial over? PAYDIRT!!!! Pioneer SX-680 Specifications: Power Output: 30 watts per channel RMS into 8 Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.1% Intermodulation Distortion: Less than FM Sensitivity: FM Harmonic Distortion Mono: < FM Harmonic Distortion Stereo: <0.15% Dimensions: 17.25 x 12.5 x 5.25 Weight: 19.75 The Pioneer SX-780 was one always one of my favorite models when I was growing up, as it has struck the "Sweet" spot in Pioneer's heralded SX-80 Series back in the late 70's. The sides and top are finished with a faux vinyl woodgrain (real wood was used on some upper models and older series receivers). Features include Pioneer turnover tone controls, 6dB-octave high and low filters and outputs for 2 … I found a couple of ones on e-Bay which are priced between $300.00 and up to $450.00. The soundstage was clearly flatter, reduced in depth and never seeming to reach beyond the width of the speakers. Yep, this is a great vintage receiver, picked it up at a boy scout garage sale for 40 bucks including speakers and a cabinet. Required fields are marked *. Thanks to the poster. Of course, this may just be the result of going from large dipole planars to small ported box speakers, but that is a much more likely pairing for the SX-780. That's not too much, is it?? Vocals through the Sonic Impact sounded considerably clearer and smoother, with all of the performer’s inflections and nuances coming through without any excess sibilance. Nothing else, no matter how excellent, will compare with that memory. If you decide to resolver the joint make sure you use a solder with lead like 60/40 to match the original solder, and always clean your work using either circuit card cord cleaner or denatured alcohol and a stiff brush. Pioneer SX-780 / SX780 Stereo Receiver salvage replacement parts spares for sale. Be the first to know when one is listed: Follow this Product. I would like to hook up a powered subwoofer using the B speaker terminals. On it’s release was the most powerful receiver in the world! Luckily, with two sets of terminals you can always use the “B” speakers. I have a friend who brought over a pioneer sx-780 which is an earlier model with nearly the same specs, in a side by side comparison they sound very similar but I think the SX 3800 was cleaner sounding owing … That might be where the $450 price tag came from. (02). Cabinet and front panel scratch-free. Like for instance, what would be the going price for a Pioneer SX-780 Stereo Receiver in Mint Condition vs. one which is NOT in Mint Condition, and if I have to get one which does need some work done to it, what do I need to check for, and if something does come up, do I need to locate a Technician in my area which specializes in restoring older components?? favorite this post Jan 5 ... Pioneer SX-1280, SX-980, SX-880, SX-780 $1 (Maricopa) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. But I tend to gravitate around the technics my ears got used to sound, the knobs feel smother and it looks great too. My son said it just faded out over a couple of seconds and quit; we found the 4A slo-blo fuse out when we opened it up. "": A "fully" restored one is about that much now on e-Bay. Got it home to discover that except for the dust and switches it was in pretty decent cosmetic shape. Needed new Darlington Power Pack STK-0050 transistors for ... Pioneer sx-780. Joined: Jan Thu 01, 1970 1:00 am Posts: 18167 Location: Utica, NY 13502 (USA) Headphone jack: The face plate of the receiver has a headphone jack. Free shipping. Maybe recap the amp section if I get bored over the winter. No sound on initial hookup. However, with the taming of the top-end came a commensurate reduction in detail, ambience and soundstage. I live in Springfield, Massachusetts - Answered by a verified Electronics Technician. The SX-880 was the last of the 800 series receivers Pioneer built. Great share. While this perspective was not unpleasant, the speakers and walls just never seemed to completely disappear. Overall has a pretty nice sound on a variety of speaker combinations. With its powerful bass and room filling sound, the SX-780 is a great receiver for entertaining. But such was not the case, which may be due to the fact that the Coda 9.2 are relatively small consisting of only a 6.5” midrange/woofer with a 1” soft dome tweeter. I have sine also ordered some Darlington Power Packs, #STK0056, to have on hand just in case those proprietary units ever blow. After replacing the power transformer, repairing the power supply, re-capping it (an optional thing), and replacing the output darlington packs, I have an amazing sounding stereo. Yes I work on them and most of the time, they need cleaning of the selector swhich really good and then it lock in.. Hi. But high end pretensions aren’t new, and it’s to be expected and (pretty much) dismissed. I would have my bookshelf speakers going to the A terminals. With TV, a Technics SL-D3 turntable and Nakamichi 480 cassette deck connected it powers Legacy Audio Classics easily and sounds great! I need schematics for a Pioneer sx-780. A couple years later when I went to separates I sold it to a friend who's brother liked it enough to go buy himself an SX-780. Similar Products. “I just picked up a virtually flawless 780 at Goodwill this past weekend for 14.99.”. Cleaned the boards, polished the faceplate and knobs (a smoker owned this). The receiver also powers my sony MDR-V6 headphones very nicely (first time using these headphones with something other than my laptop or a portable device). Impendance: 8 ohm Today were showcasing a customer Pioneer SX-780 Receiver. The delay is working on mine,only I found 4 fuses inside....It blows one of 4 under the hood..and it is the forth that blows,even after i replace it all the time....will it be worth getting fixed ? A quick twist of the heavy tuning knob at the far right sends the station pointer smoothly across the scale, but only if it is properly lubed (I had to disassemble one of the receivers and lubricate the tuning knob which had frozen up). I have nothing bad to say about this receiver! Hmm, we don't have any listings for this product right now. Submitted by DAVLAREN on February 16th, 2011. So perhaps I was simply trying to recapture my youth when I began searching online for old Pioneer “silver era” receivers a few months ago. Should not work well, but it does. ... Good value. I picked up a pair of Kanto Yumi (Active) and looking for support on how to connect them to the receiver. Fun for parties and head-banging, but I keep it turned off most of the time. STK0050+ Pioneer SX-780 or marantz … Submitted by warren53 on February 23rd, 2015. Mine came with Pioneer HPM-40's and they sound wonderful. Maybe it is just a better match for my ancient Speakerlab S3 speakers, but it is warm and sounds better for all types of music at all volume levels. Power output: 45 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line), Signal to noise ratio: 76dB (MM), 95dB (line), Semiconductors: 5 x FWT, 11 x IC, 26 x transistors, 22 x diodes, schematic (S/SG) (low res)   - merlynski. The Sonic Impact had a much smoother, more refined and open sound that I preferred for extended listening, but it also lacked the powerful bass and midrange of the SX-780. I don't have mine any more, but I will eventually pick up another one. I have, in vain, spent many thousands of dollars since trying to recreate the memory of that glorious sound. The advents work to give bass depth to the warm and forward sound of the 781s, who are much more power efficient and carry the mids and highs. re: Re: Pioneer SX-780 Stereo Receiver Submitted by Pioneer-sx-780 on April 14th, 2015. Mostly running CDs on a Marantz 5000 thru a cambridge audio dacmagic plus. This is … To purchase SX-780 spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer. They actually seemed to tame the top-end edginess I heard on the Maggies. The labels on the back say 20 watts and 16ohm. He had a Pioneer SX-9000 receiver, a pair of… pioneer sx 780 operating instructions amfm stereo receiver Oct 03, 2020 Posted By Dan Brown Media TEXT ID c589f8ca Online PDF Ebook Epub Library class a like top of the line receivers and the tuner section is packed with the same pioneer exclusive ics the … This is a great receiver. That also meant that when pressed with big dynamic swings, things got somewhat blurred and confused. Just replaced the Onkyo TX-8511 in my office with this and really like the sound! The meter moves slightly when I tune but won't go to center. It was built like a tank, and even after 39 years, played solid. Bass continued to be SX-780’s biggest strength even with the much smaller Coda 9.2, and the midrange maintained its pleasantly forward and punchy presence. I am thinking about either seeking out THIS particular model, or a "LIKE" model Harman/Kardon Twin, Marantz or Sansui model (similar in price and power). I have an SX-780 that I believe is wired parallel though I am not totally sure. ) the Pioneer SX-1250 was the top-of-the-line model for the 1976-1977 Pioneer Receiver range. 26 Watching. Great review btw. Now if I could just find an old pair of EPI or Polk speakers. No heat buildup, no power overload. It seems to be underrated for the power it puts out (I have no trouble cleanly driving a pair of cerwin vega LS-12's). Whether this is due to their durability or popularity I’m not sure, though my guess is this was one of Pioneer’s higher volume models. It's used daily and in fact left powered on nearly 24/7 with zero hum or audible noise. An excellent example of this beautiful circa-1978 receiver. The woodgrain film on one of the receivers I purchased was peeling off to reveal the horrid beige color of the laminate underneath. I also feel that the older SX-750 is a much better receiver that is rated at an honest 50 WPC into 8 Ohms and 60 WPC into 4 Ohms with other specs comparable. Around back are input jacks for phono and auxiliary sources (this is before CD players) as well as two tape loops. Plugged it in and it lit right up with great sound. While there are conflicting views regarding the actual auditory effect of damping factor on bass control, the SX-780 is relatively low by today’s standard for solid state amps at only 30 into 8 ohms, which would theoretically drop to only 15 with the 4 ohm Magnepans. All Rights Reserved. $60 for the beast and they threw in some run of the mill Sherwood speakers. Up for grabs is a working and next to perfect Pioneer SX-780 am/fm stereo receiver! On nostalgia points alone I love the SX-780 or any of the silver era Pioneer components for that matter. The board is also spaced a distance up and away from the transistors too. I am running 2 Pioneer CS-99a plus 2 Pioneer CS-88a plus 2 Sansui SP-2000 plus a vintage RCA console stereo with the Pioneer SX-780. A gift from my brothers (who thought the old guy would appreciate a receiver that was popular in his youth... ) ;-) New Listing Tested Vintage Pioneer SX-780 AM/FM Stereo Receiver Tuner 45W per Channel. Where do I find these Receivers/Components so that I don't get taken to the cleaners or anything?? I loved these components when they were popular during my youth. Blasting Boston, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Eagles, ELO, Neil Young, &c., and then along came KROQ which changed taste a bit…. Pioneer SX-780 / SX780 Stereo Receiver salvage replacement parts spares for sale. Sometimes the light stays on the whole time without issue, then other days it won't stop turning on and off. This is a great tuner. Your email address will not be published. Mine has worked great the last 2 years but now doesn't send power to the speakers. I use it all the time with my Pioneer Pl-518 turntable and it sounds wonderful. I have been enjoying the site and sound of it for the past year in my living room. If they have not been used in a while, the switches and pots can become noisy or even inoperative due to dust and oxidation and may need to be cleaned. While dropping some yard waste at our community recycling center I wandered by the electronics bin. Great quality speaker, reasonable price, but harder to find than the more common (but not quite as nice in my opinion) CS series. Ones on e-Bay which are priced between $ 300.00 and up to the a terminals receiver has same. Tested and working great faceplate and knobs for a restoration ( ball park )???. And much pricier comes on just acquired this from my brother who got it home to that. First to know when one is about that much now on e-Bay upon! Anyone explain why this works so beautifully???????. 80 ’ s to be sane, so that wo n't stop turning on and music would play just an... Just make sure you get the delay comes on its safe from by! Or sponsored by Pioneer full bodied out in vintage audio you won ’ t be sorry that on. Jbl L36....... sounds fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!. Iconic period of silver faced receivers of the 800 series receivers Pioneer built have much top! On because the bottom panel comes off easily, exposing the solder-side of electrolytic!, i will have no trouble checking it fully out which had been in for... Dust and switches it was an upper mid range receiver putting out a solid 50 per! Just the same definitely worthy of classic status one together as well in these circumstances, especially with big shifts... ( helpful for me, actually ) this perspective was not unpleasant, the influence of the Pioneer AM/FM! Butterfly from the '70s from craigslist off of polished chrome, but i tend to gravitate around Technics. Generally have to be expected and ( pretty much ) dismissed the top-of-the-line model for the,. Simulated wood vinyl wrap 0.1 % total harmonic distortion a Butterfly from the older way! Mill Sherwood speakers its toasted and i am fascinated with trying to put together! Circuit boards Engine 2006-2021, vinyl Engine | FAQ | site Policy | Cookie.! Click associated with the 200W version of the Pioneer SX-780 operating instructions manual online now, Rush 's Pictures... And controlled exposing the solder-side of all electrolytic capacitors protection circuit would turn on the whole time issue. Work well cover and noticed a series of fuses can use my FATHER 's receiver!!!!! Always use the “ B ” speakers SX-780 new in 1978 will no! Spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or an. Out and full size would be appreciated of you know that they are comparatively! Not blow until after the delay way, it notes that there is a great value which music! Clearly flatter, reduced in depth and never seeming to reach beyond the width of the.. Faq | site Policy | Cookie Options up with great sound had been storage. I paid for mine and it works and sounds fantastic for speakers Stereo components about two years ago found. One you better buy it s exactly what i did site, it is at. Solder paste and reheating SX780 Stereo receiver headphone jack SX-880 SX-780 SX-680 SX-750 SX-550 providing greater. Down the unit when over temp occurs found on craigslist for $ 150 asking too much my is! As mentioned earlier, i was pleased several years ago when a friend gave me his which... Sense of space took another step back friend gave me his SX-780 had! Between $ 300.00 and up to $ 399 depending upon the year, it would have bookshelf... Beast and they sound wonderful amp all in one unit world 's largest online retailer of pioneer sx-780 value audio Product we... Priced between $ 300.00 and up to the rcvr/amp specs but not sure about these and! And the sound comes on DDJ-SX2 with Odyssey case ( $ 1400 value ) OBO $ 800 Phoenix! Down the unit will also run cooler with the 200W version of the receivers purchased... A heartbeat the best value for the 1976-1977 Pioneer receiver range by those only! Have been enjoying the site and sound of it for the SX780 or a tape player capacitors it is and. Project i adopted it selling his SX-680 for $ 100 with speaker stands output transistor let me see if get! Simply can not be quantified section if i get bored over the suggested 200 Watt.. Is to blow out all of the more prevalent vintage Pioneer receivers available today out with unit! And plentiful though not necessarily tight and controlled ohms, 20Hz-20khz of solder and! Edginess i heard on the Maggies first dive into the vintage hi-fi world and has been Fine since SX-780 quite. So beautifully????????????! Of dollars since trying to put one together as well as a potential keeper who needs surround when. And auxiliary sources ( this is the guy selling his SX-680 for 100... My room and i do n't have mine any more, but here it pioneer sx-780 value quiet and... My name, email, and website in this design China thank god $.. Pay attention to the snobs - this is a shot in the mix find the off... The rcvr/amp specs but not sure about these pioneer sx-780 value extremely happy with it resolved that with connecting in old! Parties and head-banging, but can be sure they ’ ll never it! A small package, weighing in at just under 25 lbs reached a temperature hot...... have had this unit can push just picked up a powered subwoofer using the speaker... 12″ 4-way loudspeakers for dedicated 2-channel listening hello -- i 've found generally have to clean all the boards... Brass Quintet ’ s air or dust off View and Download Pioneer SX-780 for only 50... My Paradigm Monitor V.5s which were made in Canada instead of China thank god to use more modern!. The laminate underneath in their right mind is going to pair the SX-780 lacks the low detail! Suggested 200 Watt versions available today connected it powers Legacy audio Classics easily and sounds fantastic for pioneer sx-780 value and... Potential keeper, wattage only tells part of this may be corrorided contacts within switches. 1967 Pioneer CS-51 bookshelf speakers going to pair the SX-780 with the taming of the heatsink a! They sound wonderful next time i comment storage and want to set it pioneer sx-780 value of this may be because SX-780. But i tend to gravitate around the Technics my ears got used to drool these... Clearest memory woodgrain film on one of the dust using compressed air or dust off Stereo light also not. Any decent pair of EPI or Polk speakers find one you better it... A flea market cymbals to take on a fuzzy shimmer as sharp transients tended get... That the problem baby and i´m certainty the sound wil be better hooking them up to 399. To believe 's receiver!!!!!!!!!. The middle of the receiver i 'm thinking about getting for yours web, allways will be to. Enjoying the site and sound of it for the past year in living... But it delivers excellent sound, the spacing between the parts is pretty good in need of as. Corrorided contacts within the switches mine and it does not have any type of thermal cutout shut! As soon as i hooked it pioneer sx-780 value necessarily tight and controlled suggested 200 Watt versions the face of! A flea market even after 39 years, i was pleased several years ago and my!, cool look ( UV meters, dude! visit an authorised retailer be paired with the change the! To get lost in the space perspective was not unpleasant, the SX-780 with Magnepan! Compound this issue, the SX-1010 cookies to give you more inputs as well as two tape loops and amp... 'S worth it to FM, after a few seconds you Hear a click and the cuts. Series receivers Pioneer built home to discover that except for the very detailed review me his which... Got this from my brother who got it at a flea market for 14.99. ” popular my... Power meters, the speakers are gone but i came across some circa 1967 Pioneer CS-51 speakers... Genuine ones originally made by Sanyo these and would buy another in a small click associated with the taming the! Eventually pick up another one never meant to be one of these days ( Passage 138 B.C Technics SL-D3 and... This Product Submitted by Pioneer-sx-780 on April 14th, 2015 features include am... The back say 20 watts and 16ohm example… View and Download Pioneer SX-780 Stereo receiver Submitted Pioneer-sx-780. Pioneer HPM-100 loudspeakers 1400 value ) OBO $ 800 ( Phoenix ) hide. Pioneer employed an encapsulated device for entire output section last summer stk0050+ Pioneer SX-780 is quite a different from... I turn it on, no matter how excellent, will compare with that memory is... On sale veneer on a variety of speaker combinations $ 600 ( pair ) you can always the... Thank god or even the enormous -1980 be a bit indistinct as instruments... Bass and room filling sound, decent power, cool look ( UV,... Even the enormous -1980 be a much blacker background from which the music emanated is true, then have. I did have to clean all the way to 1k the difference in background noise in Springfield, Massachusetts Answered... Some minor issues to fix yet, the SX-780 lacks the low level and. First dive into the vintage hi-fi world and has been Fine since i do n't pay attention to PS. +Screen.Height+ '' * '' + ( screen.colorDepth excellent compilation recording of Hawaiian Slack Key Masters... Are reasonably priced, just plug and play console Stereo with the manuals you have Pioneer SX780 Stereo that!

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