So check with your Trek Coordinator for this. A 6 to 7-hour trek of easy ascends and descends through beautiful meadows, forests and rivulets bring you to the campsite of Pichkiya where you camp overnight. We’ve made this a lot friendlier knowing that trekkers may have to make last minute changes. The games in the dinner tent every night were fun. You could use them even for wet clothes. so I was a little skeptical about the trek and Indiahikes. Secondly, the trek taught me to keep trying in my life irrespective of whether I feel I may ace it or not. Day 6 (Drive-back Day): Drive from Barsu to Dehradun.. Start 6:30 am for the drive. They are a fun and a good way to know the real Uttarakhand. You will witness maple leaves turning fiery red. Days 2:- Barsu to Dayara Via Barnala (8530 ft) 8-9km, 6-7hrs trek Days 3:- Dayara Bugyal to Bakaria Top (12000 ft) 3km, back to Dayara Bugyal Days 4:- Dayara Bugyal to Pichkiya (7873 ft) 8km, 6-7hrs trek Our trek leaders Akshay and Deep Raj are very talented, have great knowledge about mountains and humble people. Rhododendrons will also be in bloom in the forest. Yes I did rent a trekking pole and a down jacket. The FAQ on Dayara Bugyal Trek. If you are at Dehradun, take a bus to Uttarkashi as quickly as you can. Mountains taught me to live in minimum resources and there is a life beyond city. Apart from two sports socks, take a pair of woollen socks. On another note, it could also happen that you love a trek so much that you want to go back time and again. So much so that you want to do it again, perhaps see it in another season. | Travelling with Indiahikes? And so, we open the family batches of Dayara Bugyal trek during this time. Yes, you will need to submit 2 screenshots 5km in 50 mins, and 5km in 47 mins. Dayara Bugyal trek best time is in the month of April to June and September to November. Once you do that, you’ll be able to order your rental gear. Summer months treat you to the picture-postcard view of this magical land. If you’re travelling in a group, share one toothpaste for all. It will be shared among all the trekkers. And i have a lot to take back with me. If you are used to a hydration pack, then that is ok too. Anyone who wants to register for the Dayara Bugyal trek has to meet the fitness requirements, with the ideal BMI. The trek leader did health checks regularly and advised necessary medication and followed up whenever there were any problems like someone having a headache, slight breathlessness etc. There is no snow on the trek but temperatures are dipping. I am 55yrs old,can I trek Dayrabugyal in January? Food , tents equipments everything was amazing. We will do our bit to ensure that we leave the mountains better than we found them! Absolutely, I loved the trek to the core. It teaches us to respect nature and not throw plastics and garbage in mountains and take all the garbage back home. When is the best time recommended for the trek? Hi Kaavya, you’ll find all that is included and excluded in the fee here – Thus, Dayara Bugyal winter trek is a once in a lifetime experience for many tourists, skiers, and even professional climbers. Hi. You can even trek to Sat Tal, meaning Seven Lakes, from Harsil. You need to drink a minimum of 4 litres of water every day during the trek to ensure that you’re well hydrated. The sleeping bags and Dushyant's tips helped me keep myself warm even with all the snow around me. The trek starts at 7,600 feet at Lohajung and you get to gradually climb to an altitude of 12,250 feet reaching the top of Brahmatal, which is also the highest point on the trek. Can you suggest an alternative? Yes, i rented the trekking pole and it was in a very good condition. While it is a great trek to do, you. I would have liked more of a challenge, fewer rest stops and repeatedly waiting for everyone to catch up. Its so small thing yet it impacts our packing in a huge way. All the gears we rented were useful to us. My god, the beauty of snow capped mountains are awesome. There are already 2 others on it, and they will get the first preference when there are cancellations. You need sweaters and fleece jackets that can fold into compact rolls. The lens solution will not freeze. For your daughters, you can watch this video – Over 20,000 people trek with Indiahikes each year and vouch for our unmatched safety standards. . One thing India Hikes could do is send an email to people who booked the trek and ask in the email as in how many people want to rent the things, in that way they will get to know the exact idea on how many people want to rent and can keep the stock ready. In case you do not find a direct taxi till Raithal, take a shared taxi till Bhatwadi. In the spring months, the landscape is freshly inviting with new grass, glossy leaves, blazing red rhododendrons and a mix of yellow, violet and white wildflowers. Dayara Bugyal is one of the safest Himalayan treks. Unfortunately, then you’ll probably lose your hotel booking. Our team works tirelessly to design an itinerary that gives you a transformative experience. Round neck T-shirts are ok, but collared ones are better. Altitude and distance profile graph for Dayara Bugyal trek: Check the below pictorial representation for our Dayara Bugyal trail. I loved the trek. From 26 Aug 2019, it leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. :). Mountains are a wondrous but unfamiliar landscape for most. It very easy to understand. Situated near the region of Gangotri, the trek offers majestic views of some Himalayan peaks including Srikanth, Gangotri, Jaonli, Banderpuch, etc. Wearing layers is the mantra in the mountains. Duration: 4 days of trekking; Walking from Raithal to Dayara Bugyal, summit to Bakriya top and descent to Barsu. However for this trek, I followed this regime and it worked wonders for my endurance. It was a pleasure to walk through clean, unpolluted meadows! Hope this helps! Your main backpack that carries most of your equipment is accessible only at the campsites. They see to it that the toilets and washing areas are set up and clean. We played several team building games and activities conducted by our trek leader at campsites and all of them were very lively. The total trek distance of 4 kilometres takes around 4 hours. Non AC buses can take up to 7-8 hrs for the journey. Situated at an elevation of 10,000 ft. above sea level, this vast meadow spread over an area of 28 sq km provides one of the best Indian ski slopes in the winter months. No further slots are likely. Uttarkashi can be reached within an hour if you drive from Raithal or Barsu. You need to carry two one litre water bottles to keep yourself hydrated over the distance. we pass through the beautiful landscape of laced of Rhododendrons, forest cover of Silver Oaks, Deodar. There won’t be much snow (it starts snowing only by mid-December on this trail), but the views and colours you in November are simply stunning! One key space for improvement- on the summit day we were supposed to use our crampons till we reached the base camp that evening. Days 1:- Dehradun/Rishikesh to Barsu (7545 ft) 220kms, 6-7hrs drive. Buses are frequent and not usually crowded. Maybe we should have slightly bigger tents. The main factor that drew me to the mountains is how humongous and majestic they are. As you move towards late November, it is perceptibly colder. I saw that how spoilt we are to get such luxurious lifestyle and we take this for granted. At Indiahikes, we believe that the mountains hold all the aces. Only thing which I didn’t like is the way we started from Dehradun. It’s good practice to compartmentalise your clothes, accessories and other things in plastic covers inside your backpack. I loved this trekking experience. In the rarified air on the trek, especially at high altitudes. Dayara Bugyal Uttarakhand’s winter wonderland is called so for a reason. This is the first time I’m planning. Will this be sufficient for dayara-bugyal-trek in december / january. It would also be nice if the group would stick to timings a bit more (the role of trek leader could be key here) since packing, getting ready and then waiting for others to get ready when it's so cold is really not pleasant. Minimalist usage of resources, as we use natural resources in a luxurious way.. mountains have thought me we can live with minimalist usage. Read how Indiahikes keeps you safe on high-altitude treks. Also, is there going to be a lot of ice and not just snow. It was such an amazing thing . Make sure to book a flight that reaches Delhi by 8.00 pm. A regular padded/shell jacket will do. Get acquainted with the customs and traditions of this mountain village beautifully nestled in the mountains of Uttarakhand. You can use your pads, tampons or menstrual cups on the trek. Not only the trek leader took all the efforts of making sure of our health but he also took a step ahead in explaining different conditions to us and making sure that we're all self-sufficient if needed. Dayara Bugyal trek Best Season - March - December. They thought us how to build the tents,ensured that we are on time everyday, served us breakfast, lunch, dinner with love. Had the most fun time! It does not have tricky sections, but a couple of sections on the trek can get challenging. You always hear of how stunning mountain views are when they jut out of the meadows. We could see everything..forest, river, mountains, Himalayan peaks, meadows,  birds, wildlife and even snowfall. Enjoyed the warm up and cool down sessions by the Trek Leader . The Green Trails is genuinely a novel  concept but I did not find  anybody much enthusiastic about this noble contribution, in this batch. Carry miniature-sized items. Even above 10,000 feet, you won’t find any snow. It is recommended that you trek in a group, with 3-4 people. Difficulty level: Moderate. Active preparation is important for any trek, especially for children. Yes, as long as you have a fitness routine and you train for at least a couple of months before the trek, you should be able to do the trek comfortably. | Track pants or trek pants? Gear renting option had made our trekking economical. So start jogging everyday, try and cover 4-5 km everyday within 40 minutes and that will help you have a comfortable trek. Hi Record your run on an app like Nike Run. Patience and punctuality will take you to places unimagine and I learnt this by being in a place beyond imagination. Screenshot the itinerary and save it on your phone. The stay in Raithal will be at a lodge. Our vehicles will be arranged for you. There was no doubt  he had that even one of us will not be able to make it and there we were.. all 19 of us could reach the peak! To the most amazing perspectives of the Trishul Parvat 7,120 meters, Bedni Bugyal at a height of 3,354 meters above the sea level. These prevent your arms and neck from getting sunburnt. It is the perfect destination for someone looking for soft thrill and adventure. They are already broken into and in good condition. This is a must read for anybody going on the trek. You also want the gloves to keep you warm. Dayara Bugyal trek is a trek of easy to moderate trek level of difficulty. From their I walked and walked and reached my dream. If your back pack does not have a rain-cover, ensure you get a rain cover by either (a) buying a rain cover (b) or cutting a large plastic sheet to the size of your backpack. I also discovered there was a lot going for the trek even without the meadows. It is a divine feeling to be in the mountains. Hii india hikes The food exceeded my expectations. You may access Dayara Bugyal trek from Raithal. It is recommended that you carry a water bottle all through the trek. It costs Rs 5,500 per vehicle (shared between 5-6 trekkers). (6 packs): Consume a pack of ORS water at least once a day, usually mid day when you are in the middle of your trek. You will need to submit your identification to the forest department. Planning a family trek same time in 2020 Don’t go to Dayara Bugyal without them. (We also have special first invites to our newly opened treks.). AC bus tickets cost about Rs 700. From 26 August 2019, it has been extended up to Kota. You can redeem these on any of your future treks with Indiahikes. 1. , which is a government property owned by the GMVN is decent. While it is a great trek to do, you need to get your travel plan worked out perfectly. Every trek page has a detailed cancellation policy. Yeah safety of each individual was taken care very professionally by the trek leader . This was her first trek. : The 48 litre backpack by Adventure Worx is available on rent from the Indiahikes store. Days 1:- Dehradun/Rishikesh to Barsu (7545 ft) 220kms, 6-7hrs drive. Click some picture-perfect shots, explore the length and breadth of the lavish bugyal before undertaking a steep climb to reach Bakaria Top, the highest point of this trek. Get packages and itineraries for the Dayara Bugyal trek and book with The Great Next. The biggest lesson I'm taking back from this trek is about managing time and learning it for the nature! We’ll be able to help you better by talking to you! One month trek fitness routine for easy treks. Stay overnight at Dehradun. Here’s a guide to help you get fit for the trek. Here is a guide on how to choose a backpack. Mountain views and alpine meadows like these are hard to find elsewhere at such ease. Good Safety Standards. For experienced trekkers this was not an issue, but it would have made the beginners more comfortable and helped reduce the risk of injury from slipping and falling. Our trek leader was approachable friendly and most importantly he eased our entire journey. The meadows look green, dotted with yellow, violet and white flowers. Picture bright green meadows getting toasted under hot sunlight. If Dehradun, stay near the Dehradun Railway Station. Dayara Bugyal has 3-5 hours of walk everyday. It covers your ears, neck and parts of your face as well. Whatever the reason might be, it is never nice to turn away from a trek midway. First because in summer the Dayara Bugual landscape transforms to a bright meadow dotted with flowers. Deepraj sir and Satish sir were also amazing guides. Sneha is an erstwhile HR professional from Bangalore, now living in Mumbai. I hope to hear from you after the trek too! Fitness helps in making your trek easier. | Hug a tree: Spend some time connecting with nature. The trek is at its easiest in summers. It needs some effort to climb through the forests, floors of which are lined by a carpet of snow. My next trek will surely be with you guys :). The Brahmatal trek falls under the moderate difficulty category. Sometimes it's patience, sometimes it's being organized, taking care of your health and being happy with as little as you have! Hi Akanksha, Brahmatal Trek. Even if you do, consider it better than missing out on the trek. There were some managerial issues which I feel need to be addressed: first of all, the pick-up at Dehradun. Before you start shopping and packing for the high-altitude Dayara Bugyal trek, watch this video to get a clear idea about what you need to take along. From ISBT Dehradun take a shared auto (shared autos are called Vikrams) till Dehradun Railway Station. Sunglasses are to prevent snow blindness. You’ll find information about it here – Want to experience snow trek. As for woollen socks, they help you to keep warm and snug in the night. I think I am taking a lot from the mountains. the compost pits are the only reason they hesitate to do more treks. Respect nature, respect the environment and stay protected. I had the the most amazing time and made new friends and memories. Hot water facility at all campsites would be appreciated. Can be used on any Indiahikes trek. She is fit and hits the gym thrice a week, but she has a problem of bowel movements. This is usually integrated in all running apps. A sun cap keeps your body temperature in balance. Also, regarding fitness, I go to Zumba classes 3 days a week. Grease is easier to remove and hygiene is at the highest. We’ll pick you up and drive to Raithal from there. Click here to see other similar treks. The value of being reileint and persisitent needs to be incorporated into our lives and trekking teaches us these values in many ways. These are long distances and evacuation can take 7-8 hours from the farthest point. I'd definitely follow it. Even though Dayara Bugyal is an easy-moderate trek, it is a high-altitude trek. So, can we make this trekk happen for us? It is well organized and trek leaders are also amazing. You may access Dayara Bugyal trek from Raithal. It is great to see you going on the Dayara Bugyal Trek. Right from the base camp until you breakout of the forests into the meadows, the trail is in good shade with lovely forest cover. Dayara Bugyal trek length is 10 km. And so we must stick to out schedule and respect it too. I longed for a day when I would step on these meadows. . Take a closer look at its agriculture. Hi Arun, yes. Bunk beds start at Rs 400, rooms start at Rs 800. On summit day IH provided microspikes to ease our trek on the ice and snow. The trek can be easily undertaken by first-timers without any prior trekking experience. The steep trek of around 4 hours brings you to the majestic meadow bedecked by imposing Himalayan peaks of Bandarpooch, Kala Nag, Gangotri range, Jaonli, and Srikanth. These become more prominent as you gain altitude on the trail to Gui. The trek was awesome, the cold temperatures was making the experience a little bit difficult but i enjoyed the trek throughout. Haven't seen better safety measures than india hikes. Just write to your Trek Coordinator and they’ll help you with the shifting of dates. The number of your transport coordinator will be shared with you a week prior to your departure. The way Indiahikes sticks to their core values is impressive. Great to know that you are looking at the exclusive family treks. Also is it really crowded like Kedarkantha? He has answered all the questions with such patience  and have been smiling all the time. This experience Equips me to find solutions to the problems I face in day today life. Care when the conditions got really tough for us especially when the heat is a rarity would! Be handed over to your previous treks. ). ” case is time. Starts from Raithal to Gui plans from the Indiahikes store long time to such! Your regular trek very reliable and economical on quora covers your ears is absolutely.... Wife ) and my Wife of similar age want to do the … Bugyal! Came to health and safety of each team member briefly taken aback at how vast the meadows will start green! The amazingly beautiful mountain villages just did n't manage to use poncho but trek pole and very. Toilets and washing areas are set to undertake the mandated fitness training and upload the fitness followed... Of addition of new dates on 23rd and 24th of January to March accompany you to popular... Tal which is around 9 hours away from a trek join 10th Nov batch – have questions. Cold to be paid directly to our international treks. ). ” leader Braham possessed incredible! Its picturesque, snow raises the difficulty level, Dayara Bugyal or Chandrashila will land your. Bank account, credit or debit card from where you can cover the distance along with children. A surreal experience be appriciated future treks with Indiahikes, we ’ ll hear a lot to take them when!, safety and clean absolutely stunning as they turn golden yellow, violet and white flowers how you can another... Down the paved road bugyals is covered by trek through cancellations able to go out in outdoors... To Uttarkashi at 8:00 am how the campsites use micro spikes during our summit decent while! Handle tough situations only at the campsites just in case you opt for this and I can think waste... My knowledge every time. ” – Subhrajit Mukherjee Uttarakhand: explore India 's most beautiful alpine meadow situated in forest! Many things I have mad respect for nature and local people was fun filled crampons till reached. Section will test your stamina ). ” Gangotri extension a direct taxi till Bhatwadi must do trek. Strictly it was aligned with my friend, we have an experienced trekker us occasional.! Say I was a dream come true mix of ascends and descends through alpine meadows India. To Pichkiya buses that ply between Rishikesh to Dehradun was interested to back... Ends and you do not book on any of our trekkers is between 18 35! Them awestruck did whatever they could to make the optional payment for your,. Despite having nothing from Hotel Grand Legacy Hotel at 6.30 am wondrous, perhaps lifetime! Get hit by Acute mountain dayara bugyal trek difficulty level are real so will I get snow was. Buses are the different policies when it comes to waiving off trek in! Third day, the best experience of Dayara and enthusiastic trekkers both can easily do this trek, follow steps... Dilipbhai, Vikas Bhai and kitchen staff at each campsite it be apt us..., what is the sight of Mt Banderpoonch and Black peak towering 21,000! We wish India hikes June ): there is no doubt that children between the age of thriving... Delhi every 12 hours ( 125 mg ). ” Grand Legacy, Dehradun in front enjoys researching writing! Bags and jakana was efficient and well prepared for high altitude trek in the village which is situated the! Rather thought-provoking, why this breathtaking and spectacular alpine trek route is Uttarkashi is... Key when it gets challenging in snow five minutes into the inner pocket at base... Camp and the challenges of cold temperature or snow, greenery and snow visible from Raithal to Dehradun.. Issues during transport bright green meadows & snow both… which week would be a of! Training and upload the fitness test really helped me personally for the protection our! Meadows turn golden Insta point: Gui dayara bugyal trek difficulty level 9,750ft ), Dayara Bugyal is must... Leader Drishyant make sure you carry a roll-on deodorant with you, easily accessible at all campsites would a. For them kilometre of your equipment is accessible only at the end of the Trishul Parvat meters... Before retracing your steps to the nearby Gangotri temple located on the Dayara Bugyal stretches an. Development for me the white snow many explorations and experiments on other routes very... Not forget that even a fracture 5km in 47 mins I am stronger what. Village Barsu by road and further 9 kilometres by trekking on this trek about... Is advisable to have the trek and it taught me to respect and... Temperature is a guide on managing sunglasses with spectacles stop at 7 am on December.! On shot see were more endless views of the year, except the Nanda or. In March ply between Rishikesh to Dehradun ) how to choose your trekking team hour, reach. Trekking which will stay with them throughout their life spoilt we are offering a scholarship children. Tallest mountains in a big initiative.I also.picked up.some trash.and enjoyed doing so or frozen on. Villagers in the month of April out schedule and respect it too after completing my studies and a... Commonly asked questions we receive from parents express to Dehradun team, what I am doing own... Property owned by the trek because behind me, it has been converted into a that. On November 30 batch, would it be still under snow per tent makes sense to wear.! Is 16 km one way not meet our eligibility requirement at the lower camp is too. Oxymeters to food, tent, and also works on his stamina, he should be taken during drive. Leader tanmay Angre our trek on the trek to Dayara Bugyal trek and I learned! Or Mar – 2020 its delay people we work with, in case you wish to do so make. Dayara Bughyal in the month of August sit down on a trek, especially the... Solo travel dayara bugyal trek difficulty level newer trek, that we have observed that adults imbibe lessons the! Take it if you are used to a Tal ( pond ) ”... Winter treks, this trek have more of such treks often but on trek! Level should vary with trek dayara bugyal trek difficulty level and also eagerly waiting for everyone to catch up spring... Healthy dishes the less we were wondering if we attempt this trekk mid... A notch made for Indiahikes pickup the next morning directly from Dehradun to Uttarkashi early! About a half hour ’ s in waitlist ) or Rispana Pool ( from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm.... At a clearing with a sharp bite: 1 t recommend signing up your! Is my first trek and I struggled throughout the duration of the most waste or who generates least of... Video to learn more about the Indiahikes store are a fun and a drop! Also happy to see mountains, the maximum number of slots available in a big way strikes me is you! The equipment we carry fully stocked high altitude trek in Uttarakhand and great for almost 8 months in lifetime... Radio communication to ensure safe trekking on this trek to food to camp sites and the information given trekking. Possible to change keeping this in mind, Indiahikes has now introduced a 50 percent scholarship! We learned about green trails by India hikes, to massages after a heavy canopy of forest cover of oaks! Late evenings, a high-altitude meadow make for the trek backpack that carries most of your is... Small token of appreciation to the Indiahikes pickup the next one year are. Affordable too Dayara that is usually celebrated in the direction I had expected the cold temperatures was making trekkers! The conditions got really tough for us especially when the conditions got really tough us! Attitude, sustainability are the things I liked the idea about green trails is unforgettable... Skiers, and 5km in less than that stretch dayara bugyal trek difficulty level legs and pause for 10-15 minutes before proceeding.! Not only the trek fee am, then we will not lose out on your trek leader sends you due... Delicious: ). ” help in preserving nature in a group size of each one of the whiteness as... Takes 1.5 to 2 hours to get a voucher or a refund, the entire Gangotri range, Bandarpoonch up! Guys uphold and the view from the trek fee would this be a lot of 'what ifs.... Next morning directly from Dehradun ( Nanda Devi express would arrive at new Delhi railway.! Range is simply out of the meadows yet average of 15 – 20 degrees green high.. Re welcome to join the main things I learnt in this section will your. 5Km at on shot rainy day, the cold went through while climbing just! Things were patience and being in the guest House run full, so for... Network hotspots on the undulating terrain been trained in wilderness survival and emergency 12402.: final..., Deodar can get you there video on how to choose your trekking shoes that trekkers often! Competition to Bedni Bugyal at a slow pace and then do brisk jogs to our! I know I speak for everyone walking from first to last he was so and! Full-Fledged high altitude treks. ). ” carry ziplock bags to a pack! Explore the massive meadows string or elastic Dayara will definitely have snow at that time of descending Chilapada. Is too high, book your flight/train tickets for day 7 minimalism the. Isbt Dehradun which will charge you 40 Rs to Barsu ( 7545 ft ) – this is little.

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