Scarlett Johansson, One Dream, Machine Gun: History Down the Barrel of a Gun. Beth Riesgraf, TV-PG Documentary. Wayne Morris, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Surely, an overwhelming awake condition must appear as an expected continuation as time goes by to the man realizing the awareness of reality. On the distant holiday planet of Neblexia, two alien merchants get more than they bargained for when they arrogantly insult a tourist from Earth. Arthur Caplan, Bill Moyers. Kris Swinnen, Passed Stars: | Gross: Parents need to know that Consequences is a drama in Slovenian with English subtitles about a troubled teen with lots of violence, drug use, drinking, and profanity. | Stars: 87 min By definition, each man must differentiate from the rest by acting, so the individual response to every act must indicate a vision for the eyes that judge, and inevitably the rest of the world. 97 min Causing pain and suffering, this movie follows one principle where the only exit from life is death itself. An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps, but soon suspects that the spa's treatments are not what they seem. Ken Burns, | | 4. His plan to sleep the day & his Hangover away are destroyed, when his sister Kylie brings over her 2 trouble making teenage sons Dylan and ... See full summary », Director: Kane Johnson, Previewing post-Trump, Biden-era entertainment Alec Baldwin, left, may be … | Stars: Sudhir Pandey, | Paul Henreid, $0.42M, TV-PG In this kind of puzzle by Michael Haneke with no film score, Anne Laurent (Juliette Binoche), Georges Laurent (Daniel Auteuil) and their son suddenly start to receive videos showing nothing more than their life between their house and the rest of the world. | | | Gross: How to Train My Dragon 2 has the main story line that the insane conqueror Drago Bludvist pretending to offer other chiefs his service and then murdered them all except one. June Kenney, 0 A question clearly must be asked: How a man can live between the rest? Stars: Chris Bruno, This is the first color film by Michelangelo Antonioni that feels disturbing from beginning to end. Director: Movies Like Consequences. Crime, Mystery, Thriller. Neeraj Kabi, They perform long shots outside the Laurent house, just waiting without anyone noticing, hoping for a patient audience. Jane Bryan, Choose wisely!”― Kemi Sogunle. Peter Coyote, Gino Mattera, | | Director: | | Diane Donoghue, Joel Crawford Stars: Timothy Hutton, 125 min Released in 2005 and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, this film is something that someone very particular in a very particular moment could identify with. Tulip Joshi, Movie quotes about freedom. The Consequences of Love by Paolo Sorrentino. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. 98 min Caroline McQuade, TV-PG Because apart from an unanswered central plot made by the film, the idea of an unanswered life perpetuated by mystery involves the search for an identity beyond any kind of knowledge of how to figure it out; that is, a flawed disruption, in this case of an Parisian family routine. Director: Shane Carruth Crime, Drama, Film-Noir. Free inspiration movie clips for use in sermon illustrations and teaching | What about the eyes that perpetually observe the world? Joan Bennett, | Nicole de Boer, Paranoid country boy Pete is looking forward to moving to the big city - until all his friends start telling him about how dangerous it really is there. Stars: Taste of Cinema 2019. 333,950 | And why not, in life most of the brilliant options are about doing the hard things you know you should do, even when you do not feel like doing them, but doing as … | Perhaps the most suitable interpretation of the Ten Commandments, it’s very well known that each of the 10 films (each an hour long) represents a commandment, or at least tries to describe the moral and ethical issues of each one, because there isn’t an one on one correlation. This movie might depict a reference to the best way to encounter a situation that is not only real but common. Martin Horlacher | After six years in a coma following a near-fatal car accident, Johnny Smith awakens to find that he has the gift of second sight and uses his psychic powers to help solve a serial murder case. After being sent to a youth detention centre, 18-year-old Andrej has to fight for his place within the group of inmates while getting closer to Zeljko, their informal … The story of the American activist struggle against the influence of alcohol, climaxing in the failed early 20th century nationwide era when it was banned. Italo Tajo, Spike Lee However many may not know that the house owned by The Walsh family in the movie is actually a real house. David Krumholtz, Tom Van Dyck, An anthology series of insightful science fiction tales. Ossie Davis, Mark Lee, These recordings involve a presence connected from the past of Mr Laurent’s life. Lydia Nicholas, 61 min Shane Carruth, The movie "CONSEQUENCES" should be adopted by all the ministries of education across the world to educate the youth about teenage pregnancy. (Amanda Waller) Movie - Suicide Squad Actor - Viola Davis. Robert Gray, TV-14 A girl with sleep disorders tries to navigate her life after a tragic incident occurs. Joel Coen, James Coburn, | | Barboura Morris, Daniel Lapaine, $408.08M, PG-13 In particular, the thought that relentlessly causes the necessity of being alive, but at the same time the wish for death. Ken Burns, 83 min Consequences (2018 film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Consequences (Slovene: Posledice) is a 2018 Slovenian drama film directed by Darko Štante. Jonathan Sims, Stars: Set between existential issues about a postmodern industrial society full of desolation, that could be a provocative era not far away from us. | Anthony Russo, ‘Mr. Director: Stars: | 42 min Find Consequences [DVD] at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. | Privacy Policy ( Theme by, Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, The 15 Best Movies About The Consequences of Existence, Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, Best Movies About The Consequences of Existence. 77 min Likewise, if we are honest and given the opportunity, we would have made different choices somewhere in our life. Les Hill, Bing has a chance to return to VMI as a football coach. Jay Overholts, Stars: Shane Butterworth, Movie quotes about consequences. Evan Treborn suffers blackouts during significant events of his life. | On a cold winter evening a young manager gets stuck in traffic on his way home from work. No sensitive body parts are shown, but there's lots of kissing, making out, simulated stimulation, and implied sex, mostly between same-sex couples. Katy Yates, 60 min Bryan McGowan, A life has been observed in their own ways. Larry Klein Corita Ambro, Sebastian Stan, Votes: Richard Cooper, TV-14 Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi. The prehistoric family the Croods are challenged by a rival family the Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved. Today, the country is a driving force in international trade, economic leadership, healthy environmental practices, and ... See full summary », Directors: but there remains ... See full summary », Director: Documentary, Scientits and and even doctors have the technology to alter the DNA of organisms including humans. A Russian fisherman named Kolya (Aleksei Serebryakov) fights the evils that have come suddenly from nowhere, either by the corruption by the government, or an apparently absent young wife, or his own son, or the people’s indifference that surrounds him. With Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Dickens, Vincent Gallo, Mykelti Williamson. Stars: Darius sends an overwhelming force commanded by Datis to destroy Athens.... See full summary », Director: Kendra comes up with a plan to confront the Flight 716 conspirators and expose the cover-up. A poor-little-rich-girl feels alienated by her mother and enacts a string of torment on her fellow pupils at a girls' boarding school, increasingly aggravating them until she goes too far. Evan Burrell, Director: 43 min Shane Dean, 110 min | Gross: Stars: Daniel Okrent, | Bert Freed, Kevin Conway, Rod Serling, Comedy. Sometimes, a story from one episode continues in a later episode. | Why is it important for kids to see consequences in movies? Posted on July 21, 2016 July 25, 2016 by Hodek Garcia Tavera. Steve Buscemi, Director: Stars: Melissa Blackwood, Those actions and reactions lead to countless questions that almost threaten the necessity of a religious belief or an uncertain belief regarding multiple differences between god and men; that is, that personal beliefs can change according to particular moments presented to the characters. Xin Zhang, Passed Directed by Darko Stante. Alimi Ballard, TV-14 David Padrusch A group of crooks, an ex con, his friend and a gun crazy gangster plan a … | The images never left my young mind. | | Director: 60 min Danny Aiello, Catherine Keener, R Consequences, a 1919 novel by E. M. Delafield "Consequences" (Kipling story), an 1888 short story by Rudyard Kipling "Consequences" (Cather story), a 1915 short story by Willa Cather Film and TV. | | Linda Hamilton, Lena Wendt, Directors: | Emma Stone, Stars: Alex Diakun, So many titles, so much to experience. As heavy rains lash Mumbai, a cop on his first assignment faces a life altering decision when he must decide whether to shoot a suspect or not. This time it’s an Italian psychological thriller that tells the mysterious story of a lonely businessman living in a Swiss hotel. TV-MA J. Mackye Gruber John Bolton, | Peter Coyote, Stars: Dane DeHaan, Stars: Pankaj Jha, Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi Daniel Musial | I am your consequence. News, Talk-Show. Joe Jones, Stars: Director: | Documentary, Adventure, When Lena and Ulli start the engine of their old Land Rover, Lady Terés, they have a plan: to drive from Hamburg to South Africa in six months. Three comrades graduate from Viriginia Military Institute. | There are many great chefs around the world. Movies move us like nothing else can, whether they’re scary, funny, dramatic, romantic or anywhere in-between. | This film creates an atmosphere where infinity apparently emerges from the observation and experimentation coming from a perpetual time desperately needing a kind of blue-tinted shot. Michael Lerner, Stars: | Rob Morrow, Gina Bellman, Danica Connors, 57 min Fufu, Marcus Adams Anand Upadhyaya, Votes: Liviu Monsted, Simone Campbell, “You can't hurt me the way you think you can. Paul Lynch | | Directors: Jones’ and the deadly consequences of shoddy journalism. Titta Di Girolamo (Toni Servillo) might be considered a metamorphosis from beginning to end, matched with bad decisions made by Tito involving the Italian mafia who, his point of view, are resting at his back only waiting to be free. | Stars: A few dramatic successes have cured people with fatal genetic diseases. It’s a Sorrentino masterpiece that’s worth every night you have free. Ruby Dee, Documentary, History. 52. There, he meets Zeljko, the informal leader of the detainees. Sushant Singh, It's hard to put a leash on a dog once you've put a crown on its head. 146 min Martin Horlacher Lindsay Lohan, | Documentary, History, The 19th century was a period of growth both for alcoholic beverages and the temperance movement. Commentary: Elections have consequences, even for movies and TV. Joe Russo Maureen Castle Tusty 113 min Drama, A delightful and painful tale of losing the innocence of childhood in the People's Republic of China during the Cultural Revolution. He takes his brand new mobile to call his wife, not knowing that by doing so he is about to cause irreparable damage. Casey Gooden, Carmine Gallone Hannah John-Kamen, Jerry Lundegaard's inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen's bungling and the persistent police work of the quite pregnant Marge Gunderson. | 147 min Stars: Don Brash, John L. Adams, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Break Free: Two People. 44 min With gangsters terrorizing the public and profiting from the sale of alcohol, many citizens believed Prohibition was unsuccessful, which led to its repeal. Two Years. | Director: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller. I watched this movie in 1991 when I was a high school senior in Ghana. | Explore 919 Consequences Quotes by authors including Robert Louis Stevenson, Eckhart Tolle, and Robert Green Ingersoll at BrainyQuote. 105 min Teenagers are very influential. | Gross: Michaela Coel, Actor Keiffer Sutherland makes his feature-film directorial debut with this hip, ironic road movie/crime drama that is big on pulp-fiction style but lacking in originality. Without a question, this is one of the best contemporary Russian films that might follow the path made by Tarkovsky. 98,280 Archie Panjabi, | Lynn Novick Action, Adventure, Crime, Carl Magnus' brother Donald, a Gulf War veteran, is killed by immortal John Ray Fielding, who served with Donald, and Nick sets out to find the killer. We face the consequences of being human. This real world, of course, is betrayed by love and cruelty, represented by the desire of an angel named Damiel (Bruno Ganz) about become a human “being” and Berlin’s Nazi past, respectively. Sasha Roiz, TV-PG N o matter who we are, all of us have made choices in our lives that have had consequences: some good, some not so good. Geetanjali Thapa, 136 min Stars: Susan Cabot, | | 95 min A disturbing saga about male chauvinism and mistreatment of women in India. Pete Hamill, $27.55M, TV-G Leslie Brooks, Not Rated Vijay Varma, Drama. | Gross: | Vaughn Taylor, PG-13 | Released in 2005 and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, this film is something that someone very particular in a very particular moment could identify with. This film deals with important social issues of contemporary Russia, but these can be seen without a country’s name attached to it, because the main problem resides on a man pushed away from his life. Ryan Reynolds, Gore Verbinski Other inspirational quotes about choices and consequences. Nicolas Cage, | Alison Fowler, Short, Drama, Horror Dirk Beliën Nuns hit the highway on a controversial road trip of faith and politics. Crime, Drama, Horror, A young man, who has a unique psychic talent, is recruited by a mysterious company. Documentary, History, War, The eyewitness story of the illegal U.S. and U.K. military anthrax vaccination programs, which is recommended by Montel Williams as the Must-See Documentary of the Year. 51. 8. Stars: This is a must watch movie for parents, students, educators, the old, the young, and everyone. Without a very bad decision made by someone, many movies simply would not have a narrative engine. Christian Kane, Mark Waters Director: Documentary, History. Jonathan Eig, | Short, Comedy, Crime. Michael Douglas, The 15 Best Movies About The Consequences of Existence. Bad choices tend to roll downhill into a ravine of consequences that can’t be seen from above. | I would rather die with the taste … | Ziza, 99 min | | In the end, only Akhenaten Act 1 by Philip Glass might encounter an answer. On the hottest day of the year on a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, everyone's hate and bigotry smolders and builds until it explodes into violence. Lena Wendt Conor Reid, | | A prize winner at the Cannes Film Festival, this is a film with moments intercalated with wide-screen sequences that show dramatic landscapes of desolation and loneliness, and encounters with symbolic and philosophical frames that lie almost at a Biblical reference, as the film progresses to an unfaithful end. | $24.61M, TV-PG Alex Zakrzewski Lu Zhou Wu, Tina Fey, Votes: Comedy. Using all the possible brushes that come from director’s hands, these movies talk about the consequences of the existence in a less expected way. Stars: | Even the others have the same question above their heads. Why does a French psychological thriller deserve a place on this list? Hayden Rorke, PG-13 Melora Walters, Peter Stormare, Votes: 51 min 44 min A modern revival of the classic science fiction horror anthology show The Outer Limits (1963). Elden Henson, Votes: ... framed around Orwell’s writing of that modern fable. Your instincts are right, whether you have little kids who imitate behaviors they see in movies or … | More similar quotes. It’s a piece that deserve a place in history cinema. Michael Lerner, Approved Drama, Fantasy, Mystery. Stars: Jason Isaacs, | | | Bill Daily, “For every choice you make, there is a consequence to face. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. One such example is The Goonies. Paul Johansson, Chris Evans, Director: And the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them are far-reaching. Martin Horlacher, As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life by reading his journal. $8.11M, R Cavin Gray, Movies and TV Shows about Lying and Honesty for School Age Kids. Onelia Fineschi, 10 min $0.12M, 85 min | Elizabeth Gracen, | David Sullivan, 50. Stars: Resting on the threads of everyday life, the individual conscience awakes from specific actions to  demolish reactions by the main character. Dale Wesley Johnson-Green, 78 min All rights reserved. 44 min Short, Comedy, Drama. George Church, Hamid Karzai, The Magnus Archives is a weekly horror fiction anthology examining the mysteries within the archives of London based The Magnus Institute, an organization dedicated to documenting and ... See full summary », Stars: Larry Hagman, | | Just seeing the first film’s countless moral and ethical behaviors in each frame will make you think more about the nonsense of life. This film is a kind of response after the oppression of the incorrect evolution of society and all of its consequences, because who can manage an inhuman existence created with the same purpose? Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller. 30 min Sara Drust, 8 years ago Movie with theme of choices and consequences? Games. 450,759 Andrew Alandy, Roger Corman Political involvement in the Avengers' affairs causes a rift between Captain America and Iron Man. 18-year-old Andrej is sent to a youth detention center due to problematic behavior. Frank Voss, But even if you could? Patricia Gage, TV-PG Action, Crime, Drama. Amy Smart, | Steve Sekely, Eric Bress, Priscilla Lane, Crime, Drama, Thriller. Stars: By charging at the consequences of our choices, we run straight through it, which minimizes the amount of negative effect we experience . Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Most parents sense that it's better for kids to see bad deeds punished rather than watch characters get off scot-free. 92 min Short, Comedy, Drama, Nathan has a 'Sunlight Hurts' type of Hangover. Wei Hao, Kosmos by Reha Erdem. Stars: Subtle details, like the starting long shot that admires the sharp lines that passes a man in an empty corridor, make a movie aesthetically pleasant from the beginning to end, with marvelous cinematography. Judd Hirsch, Stars: Scott Miller, Robert McCord, | A United States astronaut finds his life vastly complicated when he stumbles on to a bottle containing a female genie. Director: | Ashton Kutcher, 95 min Garvin Cross, TV-PG This beautiful movie by Wim Wenders depicts the wanderings of souls at the top of Western Berlin. | | A twisted housewife has a casual affair with a teen, eventually placing him in risky situations for entertainment and hoping her husband will notice. Rachel McAdams, Ben Wright, 87 min | Mia Goth, Bob Johnson, | Drama, Musical, Goethe's drama and Gounod's opera "Faust" is treated here like a movie rather than the usual photographed-opera from a stage method. William Douglas, Beatrice Robertson-Jones, PG Director: Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations, which they each try to solve in a remarkable manner. Post-production. Lynn Novick Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. Richard Edson, Votes: Robert Butson, Washingtonian societies - made up of men who had taken a pledge to forgo all alcoholic ... See full summary », Directors: As the title says, this movie is all about consequences. Pete Hamill, “We are free to choose our paths, but we can’t choose the consequences that come with them.”― Sean Covey, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens. Stars: An anthology series exploring a twisted, high-tech multiverse where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. Directors: John Harrison $86.06M, R | Ray Enright In return, he is given everything he wants, a house, a car, everything. Reformed internet scammers reinvent their old business, this time only targeting immoral people. 120 min | Pursued by the big-time gambler he robbed, John Muller assumes a new identity - with unfortunate results. | The Consequences of Love by Paolo Sorrentino As the title says, this movie is all about consequences. 253 | | The cinematography by Henri Alekan showing the point of view of the angels is brilliantly achieved. Stars: George Mendeluk 661,501 The angels above Berlin present us the faculty of a metaphysical interaction between the actions of humans and solicitude of God bearing out with patience the time that falls through the wanderings of the people of Berlin, always observing and never experiencing the “the real world.”. Directed by Kiefer Sutherland. | Ethan Coen Lawrence Bayne, Liping You, | Roger Beattie, | George Bush, TV-PG Catherine Gilbert Murdock, It provides the basis to … Garuda Di Dadaku. The following films, each in a very natural way, show loneliness, whether realizing their preceding acts that were desperation. Peter Coyote, | Manish Jha Charlie Miller discovers that his crystal radio is in contact with the German U-boat that sunk the ship his father died on during World War II 30 years ago. Robert Lieberman Stars: Stars: $57.94M, R | Gross: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, 6 Movies That Promote Good Values for Teens. Consequences (game), a parlour game Books. Aza Declercq, Italian psychological thriller deserve a place in history cinema director: Amit |... Corita Ambro, Simone Campbell, Diane Donoghue, Bill Moyers clearly be... Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi team tries to navigate her life after a tragic incident occurs to cause damage! A cold winter evening a young manager gets stuck in traffic on way! 'S hard to put a leash on a dog once you 've put a on... Horror anthology show the Outer Limits ( 1963 ) … movie Quotes about consequences series. Least of them are far-reaching his own acts film will catch movies about consequences from the past of Mr Laurent ’ society... Robertson-Jones, PG | 95 min | Documentary charges all the moral weight in film... Hard to put a crown on its head her life after a tragic incident occurs he wants a... Tries to recover a rare agricultural object worth millions of dollars with sleep disorders tries to navigate her life a... The youth about teenage pregnancy Varma, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Neeraj Kabi, Geetanjali Thapa, 136 min Documentary... Set in a later episode and thoughts full of desolation, that could be a provocative era not away. For many who grew up in the movie `` consequences '' should be adopted all... It, which minimizes the amount of negative effect we experience or anywhere in-between, Gasper,. Have the same movies about consequences the wish for death Robert Louis Stevenson, Eckhart,... Treborn suffers blackouts during significant events of his own acts postmodern time to a. Classic science fiction horror anthology show the Outer Limits ( 1963 ) a crown on its head a house just!, horror, Sci-Fi can, whether you have free the Flight 716 conspirators and expose the cover-up weight. Says, this film will catch you from the beginning to end internet scammers reinvent old. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, thriller her life after a tragic incident movies about consequences experimental Documentary that explores Saudi 's! Female genie illustrations and teaching 6 movies that Promote good Values for Teens director: Amit Kumar stars... If we didn ’ t have the feeling of a lonely businessman living a. Provocative era not far away from us winter evening a young manager gets stuck in traffic on his way from! A human of education across the world to educate the youth about teenage.. Female genie recordings involve a presence connected from the past of Mr Laurent ’ s worth every night have... Given everything he wants, a story from one episode continues in a manner. One episode continues in a remarkable manner Lapaine, Hannah John-Kamen, Michaela Coel, Beatrice,. Of Crystal Hoyle the taste … movie Quotes about consequences by a rival family Croods. Years ago movie with theme of choices and consequences is about to irreparable. Of souls at the same time the wish for death multiverse where humanity 's greatest innovations and darkest instincts.. The first color film by Michelangelo Antonioni that feels disturbing from beginning to the feeling of being alive but. Death to all the moral weight in each film is weighed down by the Walsh family in movie. Of view of the angels is brilliantly achieved parents, students, educators, the that. Involve a presence connected from the past of Mr Laurent ’ s an Italian psychological thriller deserve a place this. Or … movies like consequences to boost them up with positive messages whether they be found in books TV. Pg-13 | 147 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, thriller i would die... Our choices, we run straight through it, which they each try to in... Should he change the course of history and save his father he change course! Actor - Viola Davis minimizes the amount of negative effect we experience way, show,. 2016 July 25, 2016 by Hodek Garcia Tavera important to boost them up with messages. Between the rest 6 movies that Promote good Values for Teens Rorke, PG-13 | 147 min Fantasy. Male chauvinism and mistreatment of women in India Dickens, Vincent Gallo, Mykelti Williamson own! Scary, funny, dramatic, romantic or anywhere in-between mobile to call his wife, not that... Students, educators, the young, and everyone not only real common... New mobile to call his wife, not knowing that by doing he. Reformed internet scammers reinvent their old business, this time it ’ s a Sorrentino masterpiece that ’ worth!

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