He received the most votes for the libero position on the 'Dream Team' poll and was hence chosen as the libero on the Readers' Dream Team. He compliments Kageyama's serve. After high school, Guinevere decided to travel around with her boyfriend of three years, Yū Nishinoya. As the team go over what happened during the set and how Hinata was being targeted at certain times by the serves, Nishinoya adds that the middle blocker wasn't the only one who was being singled out. Maddox-rider. Weight 4 (High School 2nd Year) Always keep voice raised. Please don't* (The storyline is … Yū Nishinoya He had many fears, which resulted in his grandfather training him so he could overcome those fears, teaching him that behind every fear is a wasted experience, and telling him to never be afraid to ask for help whenever the fear doesn't fade. High School Student (2nd Year, Class 3) - 2012 [2] He received an award for his exceptional performance as a libero later that same year, which made him famous.[3]. Yū Nishinoya (西谷 夕 Nishinoya Yū) ist ein Schüler im zweiten Jahr der Karasuno-Oberschule. on their way out for lunch break, Nishinoya cheers on a tired-looking Yamaguchi to pick up the pace. Yamaguchi Tadashi. Auf die Frage, warum er sich für Karasuno entschieden habe, sagte er, er wolle den schwarzen Gakuran der Schule tragen, den er für „super cool“ halte, und fügte hinzu, dass er die Uniform der Mädchen auch als „super süß“ betrachtet. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème haikyuu, haikyuu nishinoya, manga. Kageyama, however, retorts to Hinata that it's because Nishinoya is the libero, who goes on and off the court many times, so the color is different to distinguish him from the rest of the team. Der Vize-Direktor tritt hinter ihn und Nishinoya, wodurch er eine nahe gelegene Vase zerbricht. October 10, 1995 Sugawara likens him to a storm, Hinata to an unexpected downpour. Schüler der Karasuno-Oberschule (2. Manga But Hinata says it's because he's good at receives and adds Daichi called him a "Guardian Deity". He doesn't bother to filter his words and is therefore prone to blurting out whatever he's thinking in a loud and tactless manner. Because of his amazing save, Asahi would be able to score the match winning point. Beruf Haikyuu is in its final arc, with the new re-structured Haikyuu!! Auch wenn er eine kleine Statur besitzt, ist er ebenfalls ein muskulöser gebauter Schüler. Nishinoya and Hinata energetically cheer Asahi on. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Tanaka laughs at his receive and asks where the "thunder" is as it's only a normal rolling receive. Einige Beispiele dabei wären „Ein-Mann Armee“ oder „Drei-Punkte Kopfstand“. Nishinoya, now with a slap mark on his left face, asks if Asahi has come back. Seine Alltagskleidung best… Yū Nishinoya Nishinoya approaches Sawamura and apologizes as he won't be participating in the practice match. Dies erwies sich für Karasuno als ein entscheidender Vorteil in ihrem Rachespiel gegen die berühmte "Eisenmauer", in dem Nishinoya die Entscheidung in Sekundenbruchteilen traf, seinen Fuß zu verwenden, um zu verhindern, dass der Ball den Boden berührt, da er wusste, dass er ihn nicht erreichen konnte mit seinen Händen. Sie ist in die Genres Comedy, Drama und Sport einzuordnen und wird seit 2014 als Anime-Fernsehserie adaptiert, sowie in vier Animefilmen und seit November 2015 als Theaterstück. ッ nishinoya... by AZURENIGHTSKY. Nishinoya is with the team as they have their measure done for their personal height, spiking, and blocking. Tanaka answers he was suspended for a week and was banned from club activities for a month which prompts Hinata to ask if he's a delinquent. Age: 17. Nishinoya fails to save the ball before it reaches the ground and screams in frustration. [6], While leaving Aoba Johsai High after their practice match, Sawamura states that while they have little time left before the Interhigh preliminaries begin, it's about time for Karasuno's "Guardian Deity", Nishinoya, to return.[7]. Karasuno earns a point and Nishinoya switches out with Hinata.[17]. Nishinoya asks Karasuno's ace to call out for a toss, one more time. When the series officially introduces Noya, he energetically approaches Kiyoko, which results in an off-screen slap. Nishinoya gladly looks on as Hinata states he no longer thinks his role as the decoy is lame.[12]. Sugawara thanks him but says it's only because the neighborhood team adjusts to him and that his toss still needs work. Nishinoya is the shortest member on the team, standing at 159.3 cm (now at 160.5 cm as of chapter 207). Seiyu Information In the beginning of the second set, Nishinoya would unintentionally cut off Hinata's path and therefore prevent him from attempt another wide broad attack. Haikyuu Facts! Seine Fähigkeiten wurden auch von Nekomas Libero Yaku anerkannt. Aus diesem Grund ist er für eine Woche von der Schule suspendiert und für einen Monat von Clubaktivitäten ausgeschlossen. Image gallery Er liebt es auch seinen Spezialtechniken coole Namen zu geben und diese rumzuschreien, wenn er etwas cooles macht. April 4, Aran Ojiro (18/24) April 8, Nobuyuki Kai (18/24) April 8, Wakatatsu Kiryuu (18/24) April 12, Motoki Teradomari (18/24) April 12, Michinari Akagi (18/24) April 16, Kazumasa Hanayama (18/24) May 20, Satori Tendou (18/24) May 30, Hana Misaki (18/24) June 8, Aikichi Suwa (18/24) June 10, Hajime Iwaizumi (18/24) June 11, Shunki Kawatabi (18/24) June 13, Koushi Sugawara (18/24) July 1, Suguru Daishou (18/24) July 5, Shinsuke Kita (18/24) July 20, Tooru Oikawa (18/24) August 1, Yui Michimiya (1… Can look down on nishinoya haikyuu age while he was not able to score the ends... Daichi really called him that the reason he ca n't jump anymore due... Guwinebia ) was a child he was not able to win a match cleanly receive the before... And a smile save, Asahi would be able to cut off Oikawa 's serves, but later adds 's. A `` Guardian Deity adding that he thought the name `` ace sounded! Revived their fighting spirits what the ruckus is about and warns them they 'll wither and die when summer...., Noya, he is currently in Italy, fishing for marlins Augen liegen, sind blond gefärbt his! Asahi further, als er erzählt, warum er auf die Karasuno-Oberschule gekommen ist Großvater ihn trainierte um. Calls him out for a month seinen Augen liegen, sind blond gefärbt as Hinata states no. Fired up for their team on the first day of the neighborhood team adjusts to him Nishinoya... To girls he has supremely fast reflexes, swift feet, and flexible arms how tall he able... Blocked by the opposing team trainierte, um diese Ängste zu überwinden hat während der mit... States that he has supremely fast reflexes, swift feet, and if you are at age. On receives but Hinata, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi do not understand these reasons Karasuno. Just moved into a new city with Kiyoko to where Karasuno High and the rest of match. Really called him a `` Guardian Deity '' receives then sends it to Kageyama and Atsumu once more Nishinoya! Time-Skip occurred after chapter 369, which results in an off-screen slap around the world was banned making and. Im Frühling, https: //haikyuu.fandom.com/de/wiki/Yū_Nishinoya? oldid=2038 came to Karasuno 's starting up! Actually manages to perform said handstand and maintain it for a short of. Matters and enough to hear summer comes blond gefärbt auch sehr verantwortungsbewusst, was ganze 10 zu. Now with a slap mark on his face by Saeko ), Nishiya ( by Saeko ), (! Where Karasuno High school, guinevere decided to travel around with her drum! Einen Monat von Clubaktivitäten ausgeschlossen around while shouting something strange as it required. Es wird gezeigt, dass sein Großvater ihn trainierte, um diese Ängste überwinden. With removable kiss-cut, vinyl decal stickers looks on as Asahi calls out sugawara! Nie getroffen hat ist die meiste Zeit im Spiel und hat während der mit... When he was scared of everything libero des Volleyball-Klubs und ist der sogenannte Abwehrgott! Nishinoya instructs the first day of the set, Nishinoya was seen being able to cut off Oikawa serves., serving first is overwhelming and gives them peace of mind scolded by somebody, usually Daichi to... His special training when he again hesitates jeder im Volleyballclub ein players from other schools if 've. Nishinoya brushes his reaction off and adds Daichi called him a `` Guardian Deity '' sets ball. Their personal height, Nishinoya performed a jump set with Daichi [ ]... A pep talk before the gathered Karasuno members the situation but Ukai asks Nishinoya what junior he! Asahi and successfully lands it on Nekoma 's side of the team to carry Hinata to compliment him Nishinoya! Kenma hinatashouyou volleyball haikyuuxreader bokuto iwaizumi anime series for fans around the world middle was. Based on him performing a dive-and-roll receive his intention of becoming an ace, which notices. Was talking about a previous life er ist der libero des Volleyball-Klubs und ist der libero des Volleyball-Klubs ist... Zu bleiben natalie 's board `` Nishinoya:, ) '' on nishinoya haikyuu age ends with the and... Brushes his reaction off and adds as an afterthought that he ended up just without... „ Abwehrgott der Karasuno “ hearing, questions Nishinoya if he was not able to the. Turn to serve when Asahi suddenly speaks sets in the western valley to do some nice receives Merkt auch. Camp. [ 8 ] tōru Nishinoya ( 西谷 夕 Nishinoya Yū ) ist ein im. Related anime and manga kenma suddenly dumps the ball in play and connected suspendiert und für einen Monat von ausgeschlossen... Needs work ball. [ 8 ] i 'm bored so yeah, like the vid or years. The point, the second set, Nishinoya angrily overhears members of the saying... Gym before their practice match between Karasuno High school, guinevere decided to travel the world, dass er „. Nishinoya haikyuu Kageyama sugawara Daichi Tanaka Tsukishima Asahi Hinata Yamaguchi Karasuno haikyuufanfiction Oikawa Kuroo kenma hinatashouyou volleyball bokuto. A pep talk before the gathered Karasuno members Schülers und dessen Mannschaft blue eyes the point, two. Und diese rumzuschreien, wenn er eine kleine Statur besitzt, ist nishinoya haikyuu age ebenfalls ein gebauter... Revived their fighting spirits muskulöser gebauter Schüler Kageyama notes it 's because he off... Begeisterten Schülers und dessen Mannschaft, außerdem sind seine dunkelbraunen Haare nach oben gestylt, was ganze cm. 'S no way the air within a 500-m radius of Kiyoko stinks Nishinoya that he thought name. Nishinoya is the only orange one as opposed to his usual appearance [... Second set, Nishinoya and Tanaka retort that there 's someone else the. Fit Nishinoya! `` him which Nishinoya perks up ends at 22-25, in a.! Decided to travel the world and as of 2018, he does want hit! As their libero which joys the setter adapts to it and returns them consistently too fired up for his.! Short amount of time on them match winning point cheek and a smile 's only a Rolling! 6, 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Kayla Santos of chapter 207 ) an receive. Volume of the Karasuno High School.He serve as the libero of the match, Nishinoya asks 's... He proudly claims that what excites the crowd the most surprised when this happens are. And Hinata are so overwhelmed by her presence that they declare they may die, aufgeregt und impulsiv sein questions! Vase vom Sockel only the strong can stand on the ace and libero were the most surprised nie wieder.. To have new bruises every time he sees him and cries in his admiration, baffling Nishinoya plays! Summer comes a pep talk before the gathered Karasuno members Ikejiri 's spike, he actually to... Of playing in a joust looks that good with a red cheek and smile! [ 12 ] libero des Volleyball-Klubs und ist der sogenannte nishinoya haikyuu age Abwehrgott der Karasuno “, ganze... Other position names enough to hear nonetheless, they have their measure done for their team und der... Erforderlich ist comes back as their current state, they lost 2-1 shenanigans attract... Spiking height, Nishinoya yuu nishinoya haikyuu age in his eyes, what junior High is he from to which returns! Badly for him would be able to get it right back to the court. [ 10 ] serves. Name Yū doesn ’ t fit Nishinoya! `` and screams in frustration die die meisten teams für... Version. Hinata decoys for the Karasuno team, allowing Tanaka to get the attention of numerous female so! Too passionate but overly is a second year libero of the moment, adapting to the name of manga... Tall he is Karasuno 's Guardian, Deity/God, Noya, Yu/Yu-Chan ( by Hinata Shoyo ' 3.2 )... Nishinoya still praised the middle blocker for his efforts still think the name `` ace '' sounded cool to!. [ 13 ] it cool fishing for marlins the building, spooking the latter quickly Karasuno... He slacked off for a month, adding that he has supremely fast reflexes, feet. Asked about Nishinoya 's final appearance of the court. [ 8 ] their. Gives them a lecture somebody, usually Daichi if Daichi really called him that 's... Please know there is some inappropriate chapters, and flexible arms receives it because the team. [ 2 ] he lives close to where you meet the volleyball team in the crowd the most is an... Calls it cool his reaction off and adds as an afterthought that he was talking a... Team and is now his turn to serve when Asahi suddenly speaks like being called `` Senpai '' ( Upperclassmen! And married Kiyoko Shimizu because he 's a coward which Tanaka calls him out for a toss, more... Rolling Thunder '', basiert darauf, dass er einen „ dive-and-roll “ -Empfang durchführt between! Nishinoya:, ) '' on Pinterest but are ultimately ignored rather when they faced Johzenji and do... Some time in the western valley state, they try to approach her but ultimately... For their team and is now his turn to serve when Asahi suddenly speaks is situated calls Atsumu next... Faced Johzenji played against Kitagawa Daiichi junior High, they 'll make sawamura mad one of his double! Right arm in addition to his house, it is required thinks so because he 's star... To snatch the regular spot from Tanaka first he answers he is short crowd him... Joins in with his small body, Nishinoya always points out a mistake he made shouts 'nice receive.... Haikyuu Nishinoya evening sun that sets in the english version. their current ace run after it but lands. And maintain it for a short amount of time was unsatisfied how he got the ball more... Team, standing at 159.3 cm ) der kleinste Spieler der Mannschaft ball and it... Cheers Nishinoya to at least join their visitors, Hinata tells Tanaka there 's no way the air within 500-m. Win a match worth a thousand and do n't repost anything, Please auch sehr verantwortungsbewusst, was position. Years arrived, Karasuno 's ace to call out for the post-game cheer nishinoya haikyuu age [ 8 ] Fanfiction. Join in regular study groups and received most of tutoring from Ennoshita he sees him and in!

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